About The Slow Down

The Slow Down are a brand new project under the management and careful eye of Ben Harrison. Ben has previously played with Bristol based band The Lasting Days, as a drummer/pianist/guitarist. However his commitments to his acting career made it impossible to rehearse and gig regularly. They are a great band and Ben did not want to repeatedly let them down, so he left the band in 2009. Since then he has been touring as an actor/musician and yearning to play in a band once again. He decided that the only way this would happen, is by starting his own band, drawing in musicians from other bands, actor/musicians, and singers to play beside him.

He soon found that many musicians he called upon, also wished to play as a band, but found they couldn't commit. Therefore, The Slow Down were realised. A low commitment band, where the lineup would change regularly and where gigs would be block booked, to allow people to play.

This was a music project for fun, and for the love of playing with others, but we are hoping it is also the start of something very exciting. The rehearsals for the band will be few and far between, and the sets will be pulled together at the last minute, calling on the band to be incredibly focused. We are pleased that such good venues are putting their trust in us and hope that we do them justice!!

Line up for the next gigs currently stands as this!

Rob Took - Bass
Emily Kraemer - Drums/Vocals
Ben Harrison - Guitar/Vocals
Tom Neil - Keys/Sax
Ruth Cataroche - Vocals/flute